The smart, reliable, 100% BIO-sustainable, digital and cheap energy company!

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Energy is neither created nor destroyed ... it is shared

We are going to share with you the energy that moves us to seek the best rates and bioenergy solutions. Contribute to sustainability by optimizing energy performance, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

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LoGOs Energía is a young and fully digital company, accessible to everyone; we are from here, 100% your energy.

To make your life easier, our ELECTRICITY and GAS prices are adapted to the times, easy, personalized and cheap.

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Forget about searching, comparing, choosing.

We are the energy company with which you will stop thinking about other energy companies.

Without complications

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Invest your time in what you really like.

We are the company to which you can entrust all your energy, without worries.

We calculate your savings

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Make your day to day more efficient.

We are the company that makes things simple and close, the company concerned about offering you the energy you really need.

Tailored rates

We are simple and natural, like our energy.

We like naturalness in everything!

In our way telling you things, in how we work, but above all in our energy.

Today we change the future and make it present

With BIO-sustainable energy, 100% green and reducing the carbon footprint, because the future is today!

We make our commitment to the planet a reality

We have Biogas projects, Hydrogen plants and installation of photovoltaic plants producing 100% green energy.

Contracting LoGOs Energía is really easy!

We are accessible. Tell us how and when and we'll take care of everything.

  • Forget about power outages and start saving without interruptions.

  • Our energy is smart and efficient.

  • You can check your consumption ONLINE at any time.

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LoGOs Energía windmills

Our prices

Digitalization allows us to optimize all tasks and offer adjusted prices, allowing us to be really clear and eliminate traditional services that increase the bill.