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If you are a company, diversify your business. Join us to commercialise the energy that contributes the most at present.
We know everything has changed and we count on you for this new era.
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Who is LoGOs Energía?

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Dear friends:

I am José González Payno.

I would like to present you my new entrepreneurial adventure as LoGOs Energía CEO.

LoGOs is a new electricity and gas energy marketer, based in Santander and founded in early 2020, who, throughout this past year and despite the COVID-19 crisis, has grown exponentially.

I have been linked to the energy sector for more than twenty years. After my studies in Mining Engineering and my career in renowned firms such as Sniace, in whose energy change I took part, or Aldro, in whose growth I participated, I can assure you this project has a powerful future vision I encourage you to discover.

From my new position as LoGOs Energía CEO, I wish to share with you the creation of LoGOs Energía, whose professional team has made this project possible. We have put all our knowledge, experience and dreams in it, and each one of us if fully committed.

I still believe that the energy world is fascinating and I trust 2020 is full of opportunities.

Kind regards.

José González Payno, CEO of LoGOs Energía