Calculate your energy savings with our energy consumption simulator.

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Save by generating your own energy at home or in your company with the installation of solar panels.

In LoGOs Energía, we bring the sun’s energy to your home, your business and your agricultural holding.

Why change to self-consumption with LoGOS Energía?

What do our photovoltaic installations consist of?

What guarantees do we offer our clients?

Did you know that the installation of photovoltaic panels can mean savings on your electricity bill and that it can mean a 25% discount on your IBI and a 90% on your ICIO?

Benefits of installing solar panels with LoGOs Energía:

Save on your electricity bill.

Control your electricity consumption.

You won’t depend on energy suppliers.

Take care of the environment

by generating and using the energy you need.

Install custom photovoltaic panels.

In LoGOs Energía we counsel you and we handle the photovoltaic installation based on your needs.

Calculate your savings

Functioning and guarantees of our photovoltaic installations

25 years of photovoltaic energy production with our solar panels

What do our photovoltaic installations consist of?

Our photovoltaic installation consists of:

  • Solar panels which transform solar energy into electricity.

  • Solar inverter which is in charge of collecting the electricity from the solar collectors so you can use it at home or in your business.

  • (Power) meter: to measure the electricity generated by the photovoltaic installation.

  • Distribution board: solar electricity is transferred from the inverter to the inside of the house through this board.

  • Connexion to the grid: you can choose between having self-consumption as well as being connected to the grid or having only self-consumption.

  • Powen’s app: in order to verify at any time that the installation is working properly, there is an external monitoring to control the generated energy.

  • Counseling and customer service

instalacion fotovoltaica logos energia powen

Diagram of the installation

What guarantees do our photovoltaic installations offer?

From LoGOS Energía, we guarantee:

  • A 25-year photovoltaic energy production

  • The 80% of the energy production estimated in the profitability calculation will cover the economic loss generated during the first 3 months if there were to be a delay.

  • A 12-year guarantee for the structure of the self-consumption photovoltaic installation, as well as a 10-year guarantee for the potential manufacturing defects of the solar panels.

Calculate your energy savings with our energy consumption simulator.

Calculate your savings

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