Standard electricity and gas tariffs

The same price, the same savings

No surprises!


Electricity tariffs

We give you a solution to save, you choose the power.

Which is your electricity tariff?

2.0 A Tariff

Prices per power (€/kW day)

P1 | 0,094994 €/kW day
P2 | 0,014861 €/kW day

Energy prices (€/kW day)

P1 | 0,234260€/kWh
P2 | 0,140455 €/kWh
P3 | 0,112523 €/kWh

Gas tariffs

Pay a fixed fee and control your savings month by month.

Which is your gas tariff?

3.1 Tariff

Fixed term (€/kW month)

7,50 €/kW mes

Energy prices (€/kW day)

0,070600 €/kWh

3.2 Tariff

Fixed term (€/kW month)

10,51 €/kW mes

Energy prices (€/kW day)

0,062970 €/kWh


The displayed prices do not include the IVA nor the electricity tax. For the obtention of the offered prices we have considered the access tariffs and the payments by capacity according to the existing regulation. Any modification that may occur will have impact the client, causing an increase or decrease of the tariffs, XX and all other regulated values that may be approved by the Administration for its application during the contract period

The invoicing of contracted power, power surplus, and reactive power, as well as the all the regulated terms will be done according to the information provided by the marketer, in accordance with Royal Decree 1164/2004 or the superseding legislation.