Frequently asked questions about your energy bill and consumption

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Contract management

Will my electricity supply be cut off during the contract transition period?

With LoGOs Energía, the customer will not notice a change in supply at any time. No electricity or gas cut offs will take place during the transition.

What is the minimum contract term in LoGOs Energía?

Contracts with electricity or gas tariffs in LoGOs Energía have a minimum contract term of 12 months. Consult the conditions and prices of our Electricity and Gas Tariffs.

Is technical support included in my contract with LoGOs Energía?

All contracts in LoGOs Energía include a telephone assistance service. Depending on the energy services that have been contracted, they may also have Technical Support.

See if your contract includes free Technical Support from the Customer Area.

Can I contract a Flat Fee to pay my electricity and gas bills?

In LoGOs Energía we do not have any products with a flat fee. You only pay for your energy consumption at the end of the month.

Calculate how much you can save on your electricity and gas bill with our energy products.

Can I register the supply in a new home?

Yes, in LoGOs Energía we process electricity supply registrations without delays or complications. To do so, contact our Customer Service and they will inform you about the whole registration process in the new home.

Can I have two different addresses for the same contract?

No, we only allow one address per contract.

However, it is possible to have the bill sent to a different address . Contact our Customer Service for more information on personal data management for contracts and bills.

Are there any discounts for having more than one contract?

In LoGOs Energía, our tariffs are adjusted to the market. Thus, we cannot offer discounts for signing more than one contract.

We propose other options to save on your electricity and gas bill. In LoGOs Energía we carry out a free study of your current bill, offering you a fair price for your energy use. Calculate your savings, it is free, easy, and fast.

Can I contract LoGOs Energía countrywide?

Yes, we are present all over Spain. In LoGOs Energía, we give energy coverage all over the country.

Bills at LoGOs Energía

Which payment methods can I use to pay my electricity and gas bill?

The payment of electricity or gas bills must be done through direct debit. To learn more about payment methods in LoGOs Energía, consult our Customer Service.

What are the average savings obtained on electricity and gas bills?

In LoGOs Energía, we design the bill based on the activity and the needs of our customers. Therefore, the average savings we offer in the Electricity and Gas bills depend on the energy tariff contracted at present by them.

If you are interested in learning how much you can save on your Electricity and Gas Tariff at home or in your business Calculate your fee. It is free, easy, and fast!

How do I download my electricity and gas bill?

To download your electricity and gas you will need to log in in your account on the Customer Area. You will have access to all your bills and contracted energy services with LoGOs Energía

To learn more about how to download your bill from LoGOs Energía, contact our Customer Service.

Energy services

Is the energy supplied by LoGOs green?

Yes, we are green! In LoGOs Energía we supply green energy to our customers, provided that it is demanded in the contracting process of the corresponding energy tariff.

How much CO2 does LoGOs Energía save per year?

Given our recent arrival to the electricity market (March, 2020), at present, we do not possess the global data that show the annual CO2 savings.

However, from the commitment to society and the environment that LoGOs Energía was born with, our customers are informed in their bills about the origin of the supplied energy.