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Calculate the price of installing solar panels on your roof

We are going to share with you the energy that drives us to find the best rates and bioenergy solutions. Contribute to sustainability by optimising energy performance, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Starting to generate your own energy is easy with LoGOs Energía!

1. Enter your address

Locate on the map the roof where you want to install solar panels.

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2. Draw the surface of your roof

Select the area where you want to place the solar installation.

3. Enter your CUPs code

The CUPs code associated with the house or establishment where the installation will be located.

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Save on your electricity bill and receive discounts and grants for the installation of solar panels.

Is there any government aid for the installation of solar panels?

The installation of solar panels can lead to discounts of up to 25% on IBI and up to 90% on ICIO. In addition, there are currently numerous government subsidies created to encourage the installation and use of clean and renewable energies that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

In the link to the following article we detail what these programmes consist of and what the eligible amounts are.Government subsidies for the installation of solar panels.

What is the eligible amount for the installation of solar panels?

The amount of the subsidy will vary depending on the beneficiary and the type of installation. While for companies the percentage will be variable and will depend on the initial investment, in the case of individuals and public administrations this percentage will be fixed.Consult the ranges and percentages of aid through the following article.Eligible amount for solar panel installations

Who can benefit from government subsidies for the installation of solar panels?

Check if you can be a beneficiary of the Government subsidy for the installation of solar panels through the following article: Beneficiary profile for the installation of solar panels.

Why install solar panels with LoGOs Energía?

Save on your electricity bill

Generate your own energy, save on electricity. If you produce more than you consume at LoGOs Energía, we will compensate you for it.

Generate 100% green energy

Thanks to the self-consumption and production of renewable energies in LoGOs Energía we will help you to reduce CO2 emissions.

Control the energy you produce

Obtén el control de la energía que consumes y produces con tus placas solares.