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More energy efficiency and less reactive power

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Energy efficiency compensates both economically and in terms of sustainability.

What is reactive power?

Reactive power is energy that circulates from one point to another point on the grid without being consumed and can lead to energy loss and problems in the system. It is an invisible energy that increases energy costs, which is penalised in the electric bill. The more reactive power in a system, the smaller the power factor becomes, which needs to be corrected.

Which equipment generates reactive power?

Reactive power appears in electrical installations when devices that need to create magnetic and electrical fields to functionate are used. That is to say, devices that come with coils and capacitors such as transformers, fluorescent lightings, refrigerators and freezers, among others.

How to fight reactive power?

Capacitor banks are equipment that allow for a significant reduction of the reactive power demand in the grid, thus eliminating the penalties that raise the price of the bill. In addition, they ease the stability and the quality of the electricity supply by optimising the dimensioning, the capacity, and the performance of the electrical installation. This equipment has an average life of ten years.

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