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Efficient air-conditioning systems

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Combining air conditioning and comfort efficiently is our goal in LoGOs Energía.

How to efficiently create a space with a comfortable climate?

Getting an ideal climate with the least energy use possible is achievable and also helps reduce the environmental impact.

Other aspects that play a key role in energy consumption include the quality of the materials and building orientation, insulation, and ventilation .

We primarily discuss electricity and gas as energy sources; however, other energy sources exist such as aerothermal energy, geothermics, photovoltaic energy, solar thermal energy, biogas, biomass, etc.

Which are the most efficient air-conditioning systems?

From LoGOs Energía we support the energy efficiency projects and renewable energies, since they do not drain resources nor pollute, and they are expanding all over the world, mainly aeolic and photovoltaic energy.

The most efficient alternatives for heating are the ones that utilize renewable energies, such as aerothermal energy, geothermics, biogas, solar thermal, biomass, etc. and high-performance centralised boilers that function with gas condensation, low temperature and thermal inertia, like underfloor heating.

Regarding cooling systems, whether they are electric or gas-fired, the most efficient option is the heat pump (aerothermal energy, geothermics, etc.).

Why is it important to optimise energy installations?

The consumption is balanced by controlling the energy that is assigned to a certain space based on exterior temperatures, the activity carried out in the space, and peak demand times. This way the energy is focused based on the needs of each project, which results in an general improvement of energy efficiency.

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