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You can have an energy savings of up to 50-80%

With LED technology you can have an energy savings of up to 50-80% thanks to its energy efficiency.

What is LED technology?

An electroluminescent diode (LED), is an electronic component that transforms electricity into light. Since it has a very weak luminus flow (measured in lumens), LEDs attach to each other to offer a powerful lighting to the lamps in which they are embedded.

What are the main benefits of using LED technology?

LED technology has been proved to reduce energy use up to 80% as well as energy cost. Therefore, it allows us to save on the costs of the electricity bill.

In addition, among its main features, it is worth noting that it has reduced maintenance costs and a lifespan that can go up to 50,000/100,000 hours.

For comparison, an energy-saving light offers 10,000 hours of lighting, a halogen lamp offers 2,000 hours, and an incandescent light bulb offers 1,000 hours. The efficiency of the LED is also highly superior: between 40 lm/W to 80 lm/W compared to 70lm/W for an energy-saving light and 16lm/w for an incandescent light bulb.

The efficient use of energy also makes companies more sustainable and responsible and it means a commitment to the respect and protection of the environment.

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