Energy, electricity and gas tariffs for business

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Since businesses are not all the same, neither are their energy tariffs.

At LoGOs Energía we design your bill based on the activity and needs of your company to guarantee a fair price in your tariff.

How does LoGOs Energía design your bill?

We study your bill taking into account the saving options you can benefit from in your electricity tariff -depending on your profile and activity-.

Contact our Customer Service. One member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to provide the results of a fair price on the electricity tariff for your business.

What defines our electricity and gas tariffs for businesses?


In LoGOs Energía we work hard to ensure that our clients stay with us because of the savings and the peace-of-mind on their electricity and gas bills.

At the right price

Our electricity and gas tariffs are the result of personalised studies of the energy needs of each business and have a clear purpose: paying a fair price on electricity and gas bills.

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Contracting LoGOs Energía is really easy!

We are accessible. Tell us how and when and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Forget about power outages and start saving without interruptions.

  • Our energy is smart and efficient.

  • You can check your consumption ONLINE at any time.