“Bahía Zero”, a new project in the Santander Bay, in which LoGOs energía takes part, to be used as an economic boost.

Bahía Zero, the project in which LoGOs Energía takes part and which aims at making the most of the potential that the Santander Bay has as an economic boost, was presented in La Magdalena (Santander) last Friday, January 29th.

As a part of our roadmap to stand up for Decarbonisation, Renewable Energies, and Energy Efficiency, we have not been hesitant in participating in this project driven by the Santander Port Authorities and Meltatec, as a part of the company and public-private institution consortium that will guide and participate in the different stages of the project.

Development of eco-responsible mobility systems in Santander

The “Bahia Zero” project comprises various industrial, economic, and infrastructure actions which aim at sustainable and ecological mobility in the Santander Bay as an economic and activity development in the area, with the use of electro-solar boats for both passengers and goods in the maritime transportation lines.

This type of electro-solar boats are marked by their zero CO2 and hydrocarbon emissions and by being very quiet, which helps preserve the nature of the environment.

The development of this project aims also at making use of the potential given by the proximity of the marina “Puerto Deportivo Marina de Camargo” and the Seve Ballesteros International Airport, with the construction of a connexion line for an electric tramway, a unique mobility system in Europe.

R+D+i technological centre for electric vehicles

The project also contemplates the construction of a R+D+i technological Centre for electric vehicles and a testing ground integrated in the natural environment that will serve as a recovery strategy for the environment of the Marina de Camargo.

The “Bahía Zero” project will be driven by a consortium in which LoGOs Energía takes part in.

The company consortium in which LoGOs energía takes part is formed by Ecopuerto Marina Camargo, Copsesa, Ambar Telecomunicaciones, Cisga, Viavox, Sarup Motor Sport, the University of Cantabria through its Nautical School and Department of Optics, the European University of the Atlantic, CITICAN, the TERA cluster and Scoobic Urban Mobility.

The project also has the institutional support of the Cantabrian Regional Government through the Industry office, the Government Delegation in Cantabria, the Councils of Santander, Camargo, Astillero and Marina de Cudeyo, Banco Santander, Iberdrola, EDP, CEOE Cantabria, and the Santander Chamber of Commerce.

Together with LoGOs Energía’s CEO, José Francisco González Payno, some other remarkable attendees gathered on Friday for the event, such as Javier López Marcano, minister of Industry in Cantabria; Francisco Martín, future president of the Santander Port, Gema Igual, mayoress of Santander; Manuel Iturbe, director of Banco Santander in Cantabria; Enrique Conde, president of CEOE-Cepyme; Modesto Piñeiro, president of the Chamber of Commerce; Enrique Arriola, director of Metaltec; Héctor Lavin, deputy mayor of Camargo; Pedro Pérez Ferradas, councillor of Marina de Cudeyo; Juan Carlos Ramos, from TERA; José Domingo San Emeterio, president of Copsesa; Pablo Gómez, director of Ambar; Roberto García, from Cisga; Chus Puras, from Sarup Motor; Roberto Medrano, founder of Vivavox; Fernando Moreno and Francisco Velasco, from the University of Cantabria; Rubén Calderón, dean of the European University of the Atlantic; and María Luisa Sámano, from Citican.

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