The peace-of-mind of paying the right amount for your company's actual expenses is priceless.

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How to find out which electricity tariff is the most appropriate for your business?

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The peace-of-mind of paying just enough for the real expense of your company is priceless.

That is why it is key to choose the tariff for your business correctly. In LoGOs Energía, we study the consumption of the businesses and, depending on their specific needs, we offer saving solutions in the electricity and gas bills.

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Calculate your electricity and gas fee for free

We analyse your business’s activity, we calculate your electricity and gas fee for free and we offer you results and saving opportunities.

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Contracting LoGOs Energía is really easy!

We are accessible. Tell us how and when and we'll take care of everything.

  • Forget about power outages and start saving without interruptions.

  • Our energy is smart and efficient.

  • You can check your consumption ONLINE at any time.