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Gas tariffs

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RL.1 Tariffs

Término fijo (€/mes)

8,68 €/month

Energy prices (€/kW hour)

0,110307 €/kWh hour

RL.2 Tarif

Término fijo (€/mes)

12,78 €/month

Energy prices (€/kW hour)

0,106928 €/kWh hour


The prices indicated do not include VAT or electricity tax. In order to obtain the prices offered, the access rates and payments for capacity provided for in the current standard have been considered. Any modification that occurs will be passed on to the client upwards or downwards in the rates and tolls of royalties and other regulated values ​​that may be approved by the Administration for application during the duration of the contract.

The billing of contracted power, excess power, reactive energy as well as all the regulated terms will be carried out according to the information provided by the distributor, in accordance with those established in Circular 3/2020, of January 15, or regulations that replace it.