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Which energy do you need?

Vamos a compartir contigo la energía que nos mueve a buscar las mejores tarifas y soluciones bioenergéticas. Contribuye a la sostenibilidad optimizando en comportamiento energético, reduciendo el desperdicio y la huella de carbono.

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Is the energy supplied by LoGOs Energía green?

Yes, we are green! In LoGOs Energía we supply green energy to our customers, as long as it is requested in the hiring of the corresponding energy tariff.

How much CO2 does LoGOs Energy save per year?

Given our recent incorporation into the electricity market (March 2020), we do not have, for the moment, global data showing the annual CO2 savings.

However, from the commitment to society and the environment with which LoGOs Energía was born, our customers are informed in their invoices of the origin of the energy supplied.

To contract LoGOs Energía is really easy!

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  • Forget about power cuts and start saving without interruptions.

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