Biogas, a sustainable solution for Cantabria

The creation of four Biogas plants and one Hydrogen plant in Cantabria, in which LoGOs Energía takes part, will allow the Region to become one of the pioneer users of this type of renewable energy, thus collaborating actively in sustainability and environment.

Biogas, an energy solution that is environmentally responsible

With the construction of four Biogas plants in Cantabria, we want to take a step forward in our Energy efficiency and Environment plan, by generating renewable energy from organic waste such as manures. This is significantly important for our Region, since Cantabria is one of the regions with the greatest number of livestock.

Our goal is to give a solution to this type of waste, which is abundant in the region and must be eliminated to comply with the European regulation. Using this waste, which is considered highly polluting, will allow us to both generate gas and fertiliser, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, thanks to these plants we will get to resolve the problem of manure treatment and respect the environment at the same time. In LoGOs Energía we support sustainability and energy responsibility, and we try to ensure a decarbonised world. That is why the generation of Green Energy is one of our priorities in the fight against climate change.

Economic boost in Cantabria

The construction of these plants will generate significant economic progress in Cantabria. The four plants are expected to be distributed in the south of the Bay, the western part of the Region and the south of the region, so that the benefits of Biogas are equal for the entire region.

These plants will create direct job posts, conceived for the diary management of the production and distribution of Biogas. Likewise, more job posts will be indirectly created in terms of transportation and commercialisation of the remaining fertiliser.

The agricultural sector will also experience significant movement. Its workers will be more aware of the importance of the organic waste they live with and will have to invest more time in their treatment, which will subsequently allow them to obtain economic profits.

Biogas and its importance in rural areas

The need for organic waste treatment makes rural areas an ideal place for the installation of this type of plants, because these rural environments concentrate most of the waste created in the region. The goal is to install our biogas plants in towns with a maximum population of 5.000 inhabitants.

This clean and renewable energy not only favours the environment, but it also allows for an improvement of the local economy of small and remote towns. The use of organic waste will generate activity in rural areas, because the farmers and people working in these plants will have an alternative way to use the stocked waste to obtain extra profits while collaborating in the control of polluting emissions.

These small towns will also enjoy a greater energy independence, which will favour the move of inhabitants from urban areas to these rural settlements. Biogas decentralises the production and allows for an electricity and gas supply at a very competitive price, with which the basic needs of a home can be perfectly met.

It is worth noting that the dairy functioning of these plants will not cause bad smells in the areas that have been selected for their installation. The production of Biogas takes place in completely closed systems and in no case will its components be released outwards. In addition, it has a double profit because in order to use this energy it is necessary to collect the animal droppings and manures that would otherwise be exposed to open air.

Other benefits of biogas

In addition to its local benefits and the importance that it will have for the economic development in Cantabria, we can list many other positive aspects, which have been key in our decision to use this type of energy:

  • It is a renewable source. It is produced by treating the organic waste that is produced every day naturally. This raw material is considered to be unlimited and far more clean than the rest of fossil fuels. In fact, other alternatives such as oil and coal are significantly problematic in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The remaining waste from the production of Biogas is considered to be 100% green and will allow for the generation of great quality and easy to use fertilisers that will be used in fields and farmland. This way, the organic waste is used instead of being exposed to open air and polluting.
  • It is clean energy. The concentration of methane, which in normal circumstances would be released into the atmosphere naturally, is necessary for the production of biogas. This gas is one of the main sources of the famous greenhouse effect, it being far more harmful than CO2 and key to the current climate change.
  • We make use of the organic waste that is stocked in treatment plants and dumping sites. This waste generates toxic substances that end up polluting soil and water. Thanks to Biogas these toxins are moved away, thus contributing to public and animal health.

As you can see, this project can bring numerous benefits to our region. Not only will we produce an environmentally respectful energy, but we will also help encourage economic growth in Cantabria.

Are there many Biogas plants in Spain?

This type of renewable energy, that is very present in the rest of Europe, still has a long way to go in Spain, where it still has a very little presence. The arrival of biogas to Cantabria will make us one of the pioneer regions in Spain in the use of this energy. This will transform our region into an environmentally responsible one, a region which directly takes part in the important ecological sustainability.

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