Biogas, Natural Gas produced in Cantabria. 100% green

Construction of four Biogas plants and one Hydrogen plant in Cantabria, with which, from LoGOs Energía, we support Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation measures to protect the Environment.

Within our Energy Efficiency and Environment roadmap, we keep on supporting the creation of projects based on sustainability and the generation of Green Energy.

The development of biogas is one of the pending subjects in our country and in Cantabria, which, with its registered 278,036 head of cattle, is one of the most suitable regions for the construction of Green Gas generation facilities from liquid manure and other organic waste.

Our construction project will use farming waste and waste from other industries to power four Biogas generation plants distributed across Cantabria and one Hydrogen plant located in Santander’s port.

These Biogas plants will use liquid farm manure and other food waste, such as those from the canning industry, to generate Biomethane naturally. Once the gas is obtained and treated, it will be introduced in the distribution network. The residual waste will be used as a completely “green” manure that can go back to agricultural fields. A Circular Energy process in which, on one side, pollutant waste is eliminated by generating gas and manure and, on the other, we help reduce the greenhouse gasses emission and the carbon footprint.

A 46.8€ million investment distributed in four biogas plants and one hydrogen plant in Cantabria.

The project requires a 48.6€ million investment and, although it was conceived before the European aid plan, its character and importance have made us qualify for it once it was approved by the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

For its complete development, we will count on partners such as the Cantabrian building company Copsesa, Grupo GOF and Biovic for technological support.

Biogas, a solution to farm waste and the development of the agricultural sector and rural areas.

With the construction of the Biomethane plants we will also resolve the problem of the farm liquid manure treatment in Cantabria, which the region will have to resolve on a short-time period to comply with the European liquid manure treatment Normative, which aims at reducing the excess of ammonia emissions in the agricultural sector and at avoiding the nitrate pollution in the water.

In these types of facilities, anaerobic digestion technologies, upgrading from biogas to biomethane, hydrogen production, and composting are combined to resolve the environmental management of live-stock-excrement and agrifood waste. The generated biomethane will be introduced in the gas network as 100% renewable gas.

Pioneer project in Cantabria for green gas and hydrogen generation as decarbonisation measures to address the climate emergency

It is certainly a pioneer project in Cantabria to generate Biomethane and green hydrogen, which will be distributed from the plant that will be installed in Santander’s port.

The daily hydrogen production is estimated at 1,000 kg, which will be directly marketed among the shipping companies located in Cantabria and other sectors.

Natural gas with a green certificate

The natural gas produced in the different Biogas plants will have the energy “green” certificate which will help the Decarbonisation in the fight against climate change and improve the environment with the use of renewable energies and the reduction of Greenhouse Gases.

We expect to be able to produce 52 GW of biogas per year in each plant, for a total amount of more than 200 GW per financial year, obtained with liquid manure, food waste and other organic waste. This way, from LoGOs Energía, we also want to help develop the circular energy in the primary sector in Cantabria. In addition, we will work for the plants to be installed in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants so as to encourage rural development.

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