LoGOs Energía funds its first photovoltaic plant in Alicante.

This solar panel installation project will mean savings of up to 40% on our customers’ energy bills.

LoGos Energía has funded its first photovoltaic plant, located in La Nucía (Alicante), that has 10 solar panels of 410W each with a total installation of 4kW. This project will have a significant impact on savings on the electricity bill of our customers, by up to 40%.

José Francisco González Panyo, CEO of LoGOs Energía, is “very satisfied” with the construction of this photovoltaic plant which shows a “clear commitment to our customers’ savings, that will favour an increase on the value of businesses or homes”. In addition, the head of the company has underlined that “the electric self-consumption that these plants encourage shows a new trend in the society towards a type of supply to which our company wants to contribute”.

In LoGOs Energía we are committed to using this type of solar energy which, among other things, is clean, renewable, and can be used autonomously and efficiently. In addition, it is planet-friendly and environment-friendly, since it significantly favours the fight against climate change, a key aspect for the future of the entire planet. The sustainable nature of this photovoltaic plant complies with our intention of being energy efficient, included in the company’s roadmap.

This solar energy has substantial advantages, since it is an unlimited and abundant resource that is available in locations like the one in which this photovoltaic plant has been constructed, considerably reducing the carbon footprint. Unlike other plants, this one does not produce waste, greenhouse gases, nor other types of pollution while reducing the dependency on exterior supply and fossil fuels.

This project by LoGOS Energía is also sound-friendly with nature, thus contributing to the preservation of wildlife and preventing the environment from suffering any kind of alteration or variation.

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