LoGOs Energía takes part in the “Bahía Zero” project, which is included in the PERTE of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

“Bahía Zero”, the Sustainable Maritime Mobility project in which LoGOs Energía participates as part of our Energy Efficiency plan and Decarbonisation measures, has been included by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in the Strategic Projects for the Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) access proposals.

Bahía Zero” is the project in which we take part in as a part of our Energy efficiency plan and Decarbonisation measures, and it has been included in the access proposals for the Strategic Projects for the Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) from the European funds for the economic recovery following the COVID-19 crisis.

The project is geared towards sustainable and ecological mobility and is comprised of various actions to encourage the development of shipping lines with electric-solar ships for both passengers and goods in the Santander Bay and in the adjacent municipalities that have marinas, such us Camargo, Astillero, and Marina de Cudeyo, among others.

In addition, it includes logistic projects that merge sustainable maritime transport with electric lightweight vehicles for parcel delivery in the areas surrounding Santander Bay.

The project will be initially developed in the Santander Bay but, due to its integrating nature, it can be easily expanded to other bays or ports of the Spanish coast that share the same sustainable mobility goal.

From LoGOs Energía, we conceive this project from a double perspective: on the one hand, as a conservation plan for the coastal zone and the water resources of the Santander Bay and its surroundings, which at present are alarmingly neglected. And, on the other hand, as an agent for investment promotion to reduce the vulnerability of its coastal natural spaces and for the equitable maximising of the resulting social and economic welfare, without jeopardising the sustainability of the vital ecosystems.

Its goal: sustainable development

"Bahia Zero" is a sustainable and innovating project, with which we prioritise an economic development based on high added value activities through the development of new business models in highly competitive market niches, and from a perspective of sustainability and regeneration of the marine assets of the surroundings of the Santander Bay.

It is, ultimately, a project that completely aligns with our Sustainable Development Goals for the encouragement of competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry in Cantabria, by modernising its productive fabric and reinforcing its capacity to generate highly qualified employment.

All this in an environment such as the marina “Marina de Cantábrico” in Camargo (Cantabria) which is the most important nautical infrastructure in the Green Spain, covering 460,000 squared metres, most of which are underused and seriously deteriorated.

Renovation of the transport system with ships powered by solar energy

This industrial driven strategy in the intra-port maritime sector is based on a set of actions aimed at the decarbonisation of intra-port passenger and goods transportation in the Santander Bay. This decarbonisation is achieved through the encouragement of ships powered only by renewable energies, the installation of ecological and sustainable infrastructures, and the realisation of the final mille shipping through ecological and mixed transport systems for sustainable maritime and electric land transportation.

The development of this comprehensive sustainable maritime mobility project has different pilot sub-projects that serve as an example of the entrepreneurial and economic impact of the initiative, such as the building of a 4.0 Astillero for the encouragement of zero CO2 emission ships; the setting up of a photovoltaic plant in the bay; the building of intermodal docks digitally connected to both the passengers and the ships itselves; the development of a logistics project for final mille shipping by combining sustainable maritime and electric land transportation; sustainable maritime tourism, etc.

We are leaders in sustainable maritime innovation

“Bahía Zero” aims at leading the future sustainable maritime innovation in Europe with real mobility solutions based on renewable energies as a new green consumption and decarbonisation source, without carbon footprint as opposed to the sector’s current situation at the regional and national levels.

For this initiative to be successful, we need public collaboration in order to design strategies to ease the transition processes for the shipping lines and to invest in maritime vehicles that minimise their environmental impact.

Bahía Zero has different lines of action

  • Project for the construction of electro-solar boats (ferries) and development of new transportation lines for passengers and goods (final mile) in the surroundings of the Santander Bay, for which the municipalities of Santander, Astillero and Marina de Cudeyo are being considerated.
  • Project for the construction of a technological 4.0 Astillero.
  • Project for the implementation of new infrastructures to coordinate the passenger and good maritime mobility strategy (final mile) in the surroundings of the Santander Bay.

Given its proximity to other significant infrastructures in Santander, various additional actions are being considered:

  • The Seve Ballesteros International Airport is located next to the Marina del Cantábrico. This project is a driving force that contemplates the union between the two terminals: the airport and the Intermodal Terminal Marina de Raos through the creation of a new line with an electric an autonomous vehicle (tramway), thus creating a unique mobility solution in Europe.
  • A project for the encouragement of a new industrial activity focused on final mile goods transportation through a mixed system combining sustainable maritime and electric land transportation.

Additional sustainable Tourism projects as a solution for the environmental recovery of the Raos marina:

  • “RoomBoat” project (floating flat): it is a project that will stir up the family tourism concept on the foreshore.

  • Encouragement and building of a Motor Home Area: the installation is completed with a photovoltaic plant which can generate 1,8 Mw/h per year.

  • As an additional action within the recovery strategy for the environment of the Raos marina, electric transportation is expected to be encouraged with the building of a testing ground for non-polluting alternative propulsions and autonomous vehicles. The setup of an R+D Technological Centre for electric vehicles is also being considered.

  • Project for the installation of facilities for practising sports and surfing.

The project, driven by Metaltec Naval and the Santander Port Authority, has a 55€ million investment budget. For its development, a public-private consortium, in which LoGOs takes part, has been created: Ecopuerto Marina Camargo, Copsesa, Ambar Telecomunicaciones, Cisga, Viavox, Sarup Motor Sport, the University of Cantabria through its Nautical School and Department of Optics, the European University of the Atlantic, CITICAN, the TERA cluster and Scoobic Urban Mobility.

To this conglomerate we have to add the institutional support of the Cantabrian Regional Government through the Industry office, the Government Delegation in Cantabria, the councils of Santander, Camargo, Astillero and Marina de Cudeyo, Banco Santander, Iberdrola, EDP, CEOE Cantabria, and the Santander Chamber of Commerce.

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