Official presentation of LoGOs Energía in Alicante

The energy marketer thanks “the great reception” that the company has experienced during its first months and predicts “a powerful future vision”.

The official presentation of LoGOs Energía, the national energy marketer, took place in Alicante last Wednesday, July 8th. At the event, José Francisco González Panyo (CEO) was joined by Ana López Alcaá (sales manager) and Ángel López González (energy efficiency manager), who have presented the plans of the company in its different business areas. The entire team of LoGOs Energía has shown their gratitude for “the great reception of both the company and the products'' since its creation earlier this year and despite it taking place during the Covid-19 crisis.

Its CEO, José Francisco González Panyo, defines LoGOS Energía as "the project of his life" and he assures that, during theses months, "we have expanded countrywide and with great success". "This project has a powerful future vision that I encourage you to discover", he stated.

In addition, José Francisco González Panyo has expressed that “I still believe that the energy world is fascinating and I trust 2020 is full of opportunities”. “LoGos Energía has a professional team that has made this project possible, a project in which we have put all our knowledge, experience, and hope and to which each one of us is fully committed”.

In this regard, he has explained that the uncertainty caused by the pandemic “hasn't prevented LoGOs Energía from growing, which not only has maintained its job posts but also its initial goal to hire more staff”.

The energy marketer also offers the companies the possibility to diversify their business and distribute its energy. These distributors are digitally trained on their services and products.

Presentation of LoGOs Energía


LoGOs Energía is an electricity and gas marketer that offers 360º energy products countrywide to both businesses and households, and has its headquarters in Elche and Santander. The following represent some of their tariffs: SMEs tariff, Industrial tariff, Agro tariff, Self-consumption tariff, Home electricity and gas tariff, and Electricity and gas maintenance.

It has a digital contacting service through which a professional team analyses each customer’s habits and adapts the energy tariffs to the real consumption, with custom solutions, “in order for the final price of the bills to be fair, help save, and bring security”.

The company, which is committed to society and energy efficiency through technological development and resource optimisation, supports an energy model that is linked to innovation, with which they achieve sustainability in businesses and households.

In addition, LoGOs Energía, highlights within their values and action lines “the responsibility, ethics and transparency” with which they work, as well as the respect of the environment. In fact, they define their energy as “green, digital and human”.

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