Self-consumption prices

Save by generating your own energy in your home or business with the installation of solar panels.

Generating your own energy is one of the saving methods that favours the production of green energy and therefore has a positive impact on the environment.

Calculate your energy savings with the electricity consumption simulator.

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Why install solar panels with LoGOs Energía?

Save on your electricity bill

Generate your own energy, save on electricity. If you produce more than you consume at LoGOs Energía, we will compensate you for it.

Generate 100% green energy

Thanks to the self-consumption and production of renewable energies in LoGOs Energía we will help you to reduce CO2 emissions.

Control the energy you produce

Get control of the energy you consume and produce with your solar panels.

To contract LoGOs Energía is really easy!

We are accessible. Tell us how and when and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Forget about power cuts and start saving without interruptions.

  • Our energy is intelligent and efficient.

  • You can check your consumption ONLINE at any time.