LoGos Energía, committed to Decarbonisation in the energy sector

In LoGOs Energía, we are aware of our responsibility with the environmental factors that have an impact on Climate Change and on the Environment. That is why we aim at meeting our customers’ needs with custom solutions that favour energy Decarbonisation and are consistent with the need of being an active part in the encouragement of Sustainable Development solutions.

Energy Efficiency is our roadmap

We know that the future depends on how we behave today. That is why we clearly opt for the development of Renewable Energy projects as natural sources for the generation of energy to favour Decarbonisation.

As a consequence of the COVID19 pandemic CO2 emissions were reduced by 8% in 2020 representing a historic milestone. However, as the economy recovers, pollutant and greenhouse gases are expected to increase once again.

That is why, we believe there is a need to opt for projects that accelerate the energy transition towards an efficient energy consumption model that makes the most of natural resources.

Decarbonisation projects developed by LoGOs Energía

In December 2019 the European Commission presented the “Green Deal”, a roadmap that we support, to transform the current energy model and adapt it to a more efficient one with renewable energies, energy efficiency, and electric mobility projects.

Our renewable energy projects include:

  • Funding photovoltaic energy plants for the exploitation of solar energy, a clean energy that can be made the most of autonomously and efficiently.

  • Generating Natural Gas, with the construction of four Biogas and one Hydrogen plant in Cantabria. A Circle Economy process in which polluting waste is eliminated by producing gas and fertiliser and, in turn, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions along with the overall carbon footprint.

  • Development of Eco-responsible Electric Mobility Systems, aimed at sustainable and ecological mobility, with projects like “Bahia Zero” which primarily aims at implementing electro-solar boats for both passengers and goods along with maritime transportation lines in Santander. We also achieve this through our NEO Movilidad services with which we offer the possibility to install recharging points for electric vehicles in individual houses, homeowners associations, companies, urban environments or roadside, with both indoor and outdoor equipment.

What does Decarbonisation mean?

Decarbonisation is a process by which a change in the economic model is systematically carried out to leave fossil fuel use behind and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions that contribute to Climate Change.

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